education | December 11, 2012

Don't Miss Out: Rahaf Harfoush On Embracing Every Opportunity [VIDEO]

Rahaf Harfoush, co-founder of the innovative consulting firm Red Thread Inc, recently presented a workshop at the Undergraduate Awards where she provided post-secondary students with the opportunity to discover what they really want to accomplish in life. The foresight and innovation strategist conducted an exercise that she calls "presencing" with the students. In the exercise, students are asked a series of 20 questions in fairly rapid succession with little time in-between to help identify opportunities that are available in their lives. "I did it myself several years ago," Harfoush says, "and I wish when I was in university that I had done it, and I would have learned early on some of the things I wanted to do instead of taking a very roundabout way to discover them."

Her goal was not necessarily to provide every student in attendance with new insight on their life's ambitions, but to help at least one person in the audience discover the direction they want to take in life. She also explains that community is a very important part of the discovery process. By reaching out and making connections with people who can help you find your passion—and then support you when you are embarking on an ambitious new project—Harfoush says that you can make your dreams a reality much faster than trying to go it alone. Harfoush often inspires her clients to think of new and innovative ways to take their ambitions to the next level. In her keynotes, she shares the latest trends with rapt audiences in addition to helping them come up with ways to foster innovation and consistently think outside the box.