c-suite | October 26, 2015

Doing Good from the Top Down: Introducing New Speaker Ido Leffler

Achieving great things in business doesn’t mean sacrificing your drive to ‘do good.’ In fact, more studies, success stories, and inspirational figures are proving that a healthy dose of altruism can have a positive effect on your accounts. Take our new exclusive speaker Ido Leffler as living proof. As the co-founder of Yoobi, the one-to-one school supply company, and Yes To, the natural beauty brand (now #2 in the US!), Leffler has created two great companies driven by amazing causes. Now, as a keynote speaker, he’s helping other businesses learn how to create the kind of cultures that attract driven, socially conscious individuals give back and love what they do.

To understand Leffler is to understand his work. With every purchase, Yoobi donates a classroom item to a school in need—a commitment that’s improved the lives of over 1 million kids, and helped teachers who’re often obligated to pay for their own school supplies. Yes To Inc. uses natural products, cruelty-free practices, and environmentally friendly packaging, but it also builds gardens and teaches young people about nutrition through its Seed Fund. Neither of these endeavors was formed overnight, either—Leffler has struggled as an entrepreneur and recorded his inspirational story in his co-authored book, Get Big Fast and Do More Good. And after the massive success of his companies, he’s joined the UN Foundation Global Entrepreneurs Council, will appear in a major upcoming reality series about entrepreneurs next year, and writes, regularly, for Forbes, The New York Times, Inc., and The Huffington Post.

As such, Leffler offers sound advice for ambitious entrepreneurs, stressing the secret to a transformative brand lies in being unafraid to fail. But he’s also an ideal speaker for all leaders who want to transform their company cultures, improve the work-life balance of their employees, and maintain healthy and positive relationships with all partners. As a CEO, Leffler leads by example; his mandatory holidays for staff, his commitment to connecting with every employee, and his very real passions for social causes mean that his brands are staffed by people who bring their best selves to work each day.

To Ido Leffler, value in life isn’t determined by how much you make, but by how free you are—free to build meaningful relationships, and free to give back to your community. If you want to lead in the 21st century, you’re going to have to change the way your business looks, acts, and feels—and Leffler has the ethics and message to help make it happen.

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