internet | September 10, 2012

Does The 'Net Bring Us Together, or Tear Us Apart? “Yes” says David Eaves

“Is the Internet bringing us together or is it tearing us apart?” David Eaves—a renowned open technology speaker—asks in a recent op-ed. “In reality, it’s doing both. And it will lead to a better future.”

The public policy entrepreneur and influential blogger argues that the Internet fosters community building. However, online groups can have both positive and negative implications: providing forums for democratizing discussions that are critical for business development? That's good. Giving disruptive congregations of people an avenue to propagate hate and self-destructive behaviour? Not so good.

Eaves' talks on technology and transparency have been sought after by government agencies, executives, and student groups alike. As a respected public thinker he has written for The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star and contributed chapters to books such as O'ReillyMedia's Open Government.

The Internet, he says, has revolutionized the dissemination of free, public information. In his writing and his keynotes, he often questions why the Government has not followed suit and provided the same access to transparent information and community involvement.

“We are in the midst of an exciting era for community building,” Eaves concludes in the article. “We just need to focus our attention on ensuring that those who are in desperate need of community have access to the tools that help foster them.”