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Do Cool Sh*t: College Speaker Miki Agrawal On Creating Your Best Life

We're pleased to announce that Miki Agrawal, a seriously cool, seriously successful young social entrepreneur, is joining the Lavin Agency as one of our new speakers. A dynamic presence on stage, she offers valuable advice on growing a business and living a better life—which is something she knows a lot about. She's the author of Do Cool Sh*t: Quit Your Day Job, Start Your Own Business, and Live Happily Ever After, started a pizza business called WILD, is part of a media company called Super Sprowtz, and helped launched THINX, a revolutionary underwear line. No wonder she was named one of Forbes’ Top 20 Millennials on a Mission!

Agrawal's work has gotten the attention of numerous other successful entrepreneurs. Notably, founder (and fellow Lavin speaker) Ben Rattray. Here's what he had to say:

"Miki is an unstoppable force in successful pursuit of a rich and fulfilled life, and a source of practical wisdom for how you can be the same. The more people that follow her advice, the better the world will be."

Above: Agrawal gives one of her powerful and inspirational keynote presentations. Check out her speaking reel (also embedded above) to see her in action!

Wondering how Miki Agrawal can help your organization? Here's a rundown of one of her most popular talks:

Miki Agrawal's motivating talk will convince college students, young leaders, and budding entrepreneurs that a cool life is closer than they think. With 54 percent of college graduates currently unemployed or underemployed and 39 percent of people between the ages of 22 and 34 moving back to their parents' homes, entrepreneurship is not only a viable option, but the most vibrant option for an exciting future. In this presentation, Miki Agrawal shares her cool stories—from being the star midfielder on the W-USA women's soccer team, to opening WILD, a restaurant in New York City with no prior experience and being featured on the Food Network, to patenting an underwear solution for 2 billion women on the planet, to partnering up with her sister to launch Super Sprowtz, to writing a #1 bestselling entrepreneurship book, to setting a world record on NBC's Jimmy Fallon Show—and empowers her audience to believe that they can do cool stuff too… if they're willing to work hard, act on their ideas, stand up for their beliefs, and turn their creativity into reality.

You will laugh, reflect, and receive a refreshing jolt to your spine and spirit. Most importantly, you will walk out knowing that regardless of your background, income, or education, it is possible to wake up every morning looking forward to a cool, fun, rewarding, make-a-difference life, which you created yourself. This keynote is ideal for colleges, high schools, women's groups, empowerment groups, self-help seminars, and young leaders.

To book Miki Agrawal to give a keynote at your event, contact The Lavin Agency for booking information.

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