diversity | February 28, 2011

Diffusing Stereotypes: 30 Rock's Maulik Pancholy Speaks About Life as an Indian-American Actor

Did you know that Maulik Pancholy — who plays the hilarious Jonathan on 30 Rock — is also an in-demand diversity speaker? In college lectures, Maulik uses his experiences as an Indian-American actor in Hollywood to discuss how media stereotypes have evolved, and how these stereotypes can be perpetuated or diffused through the actions we take.

It’s a serious subject, and Maulik, a Yale MFA, digs deep. But he also keeps it palpably light, seeding his talk with on-set anecdotes and hilarious observations. He is, after all, a gifted performer who has starred alongside heavyweights like Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey and Mary-Louise Parker, and appeared on shows like The Sopranos and Law and Order. A humble, perceptive, and budding young celebrity, Maulik Pancholy brings a pop culture sensibility to a tough topic.

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