politics & society | November 20, 2019

Diane Francis Interviews Former Trump Staffer Anthony Scaramucci for the Financial Post

Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci “belongs to the growing club of those fired by President Donald Trump.” Initially, he said little to the press after his abrupt firing. Now, Scaramucci is candidly sharing his thoughts on the president’s future with veteran journalist Diane Francis

“He’s becoming more dangerous because he’s fired anybody who would question him. But he won’t be able to stand for re-election once all the dirt comes out,” Anthony Scaramucci told Diane Francis while discussing the president’s tenuous future. “I think most of the Republicans hate his guts, but have to be convinced to get rid of him. At the moment, they are holding their noses and accepting his lawlessness.”

Right now, Scaramucci is one of the few former Trump staffers willing to talk, notes Francis, although she acknowledges “that may change now that impeachment hearings are underway.” In addition to talking to media, Scaramucci is also raising money for a PAC to fight Trump’s reelection, and lobbying Republican senators for their vote in the upcoming impeachment trial.

Read the full interview here.

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