trends | December 16, 2016

David Sax’s The Revenge of Analog Is One of Michiko Kakutani’s Top Ten Books of 2016 in The New York Times

New York Times Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Michiko Kakutani has named David Sax’s The Revenge of Analog one of her Top Ten Books of 2016, further cementing the book’s place among the hottest business titles of the year.

An additional, glowing review, also from Kakutani, calls The Revenge of Analog “a powerful counternarrative to the techno-utopian belief that we would live in an ever-improving, all-digital world”—an “insightful and entertaining account” of the surprising resurgence of the real.


Sax’s book, which came out in November, explores the dramatic bounce-back of physical goods and experiences in the past decade. From Polaroid cameras to Moleskine notebooks, board game cafés to vinyl records, products with a distinctly human touch are striking back against the seemingly insuppressible crush of digital. In workplaces, too, the trend is real: tech-heavy companies like Facebook and Yelp use whiteboards in their offices; Amazon is beginning to open up brick-and-mortar stores; and schools are rediscovering the power of analog learning tools in increasingly digital classrooms.


A seasoned keynote speaker, Sax is also the author of The Tastemakers and Save the Deli.


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