marketing | October 26, 2018

Revenge of Analog Author David Sax on Real Things and Why They Matter in Marketing

“Analog may be more cumbersome and costlier than its digital equivalents,” says consumer behavior expert David Sax, “but it provides us with a richness of experience that is unparalleled with anything delivered through a screen.” In an interview with Content Magazine, Sax explains the ways that analog experiences can actually enhance digital strategy.  

“What I’ve been interested in seeing lately is the digital-only brands, that have no actual connection to the real world, opening stores. They know that everything online is ephemeral, that allegiance is temporary. That’s why you’re seeing companies like Amazon moving into this market.” He uses the success of Warby Parker as an example: “Warby Parker, which started off selling eyeglasses online, is another example of an e-commerce business that realized it was limited in an online-only market. Yes, it sold a lot of glasses, but ultimately it knew that people still wanted to try them on before buying…from opening its first brick and mortar store in NYC, Warby Parker has since gone on to launch more than 60 across the U.S. and plans an additional by the end of this year.”


Watch Sax break down the enduring appeal of analog products below:

David Sax: Why Are Analog Goods Making a Comeback?


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