technology | November 08, 2019

Designing a Better Future: Tech Virtuoso David Rose Joins Epam Continuum as Resident Futurist

AR technologies have the potential to become our companions and coaches in everyday life. At least, that’s the opinion of David Rose—MIT lecturer, author, and former VP of Vision Technology at Warby Parker. Now, as Resident Futurist at Epam Continuum, Rose helps seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies into our lives, and transform them for the better. 

In a stimulating conversation on the Epam Continuum podcast, David Rose dives into the intricacies of our relationship with technology, the differences between blind prototyping and careful intervention, and why he remains optimistic about the future.


While the dystopian view of AR and other emerging technologies is characterized by a world of immense clutter, Rose believes that we can create experiences consumers truly want with elegant design and a deep understanding of people.  “I tend to think that there are more journalists, whistle-blowers, and people who are willing to be alarmist in the world, rather than people who are trying to create the desirable future states,” Rose explains. “And so I’d like to focus on the positive valence stuff.” It is this positive energy he brings to his new role as the company’s resident futurist, where he imagines and designs the digital ecosystems we will rely on in the years to come.


Listen to the full conversation here.


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