the lavin agency | February 15, 2019

“Why Structure Education in a Way That Kills Imagination?” The Tickets Podcast Interviews Lavin Agency President and CEO David Lavin

The Tickets podcast showcases the visionaries behind the “world’s most exciting and innovative live experiences.” Previous guests include the head of programming for SXSW and the head of Adobe’s 99U Conference. Naturally, The Lavin Agency president and CEO David Lavin was invited to chat, and the result is a fascinating and far-reaching conversation on booking Hunter S. Thompson, the demise of big dreams and the most compelling speaker David’s ever seen—and signed.   

“Education should be fun, engaging,” says Lavin. “It should be at least as much fun as a hockey game or a football game or the ballet or the Olympics. Why structure it in a way that kills people’s imagination?”


After booking Hunter S. Thompson, Harlan Ellison, Abbie Hoffman, Timothy Leary (all stories not to be missed), Lavin started going out and finding new people: an oncologist, an investment banker, a futurist—people he thought were interesting. Thus The Lavin Agency Speakers Bureau was born, a way of turning lectures into rock concerts: fun, compelling, entertaining. Other agents ask buyers who they want to book. Lavin told them who to book. And the results speak for themselves. 


In this episode, Lavin breaks down the traits of compelling speakers, new ways to think about education, the power of books, the influence of music and much more: listen now.  

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