open data | November 12, 2012

David Eaves Delivers "High Calibre" Keynote On Open Data

David Eaves recently spoke at the Government of Alberta's 2012 Policy Matters Conference, where his insightful and informative keynote was very well-received. As an expert on the open data movement, Eaves spoke about how open data can change both processes and policy, and how open innovation is essential to expansion. The new digital generation has afforded us with access to more data than ever before. In his talk, Eaves explained how this shift is dramatically altering the way that organizations build, test and refine ideas. He also touched on the future of innovation and how embracing new methods of open innovation will allow companies to be more creative and unlock a network of possibilities they never thought possible.

With a strong background in communications and negotiation, Eaves speaks with passion and wit, and is easily able to convey a complex message with remarkable clarity. One of the participants at the conference said that the "Open Data presentation by David Eaves was an exceptionally high calibre presentation." Further, 95 per cent of the attendees who completed a survey on Eaves' talk found his subject matter beneficial to them in some way. Eaves' talks on technology, transparency and communication, social media, and real estate are highly sought after by government agencies, executives, and student groups alike. He has written for The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star and contributed to O'Reilly Media's Open Government.

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