the new work | November 06, 2011

David Eaves: Are Public Sector Employers Allergic to Innovation?

The perceived holy grail of public sector employment may not be all it's cracked up to be. In a recent Maclean's article, David Eaves, a renowned public policy speaker, explains why: Yes, there are good salaries, pensions, and job security in government jobs. But even if you're making good money, Eaves says, "if you feel you are making good money filling a hole you had to dig—that can actually be really frustrating.” Eaves concludes that many public servants are handcuffed to jobs they find unfulfilling because of dissatisfaction with work processes that don't foster productivity or great ideas. Eaves goes as far as suggesting the mail room worker in a private company can get an idea to the top in days, while, say, a policy analyst might be bogged down for months before a brilliant plan makes it to a government minister.

David Eaves knows how to open things up at organizations. An expert in public policy, strategy, open government and transparent corporate structures, he is retained by forward-thinking organizations looking to shift their stuffier paradigms toward a more inclusive and efficienct work environment. Eaves' expertise in the realm of technology and transparency also makes him an ideal speaker for any company or group confronting disruptive innovation, engaging in social marketing, social media engagement, mobile marketing, and crowdsourcing.