finance | February 27, 2013

David Chilton: "If You're Not Failing, You're Probably Not Trying Enough" [VIDEO]

"If you're not failing a lot, you're probably not trying enough," says finance speaker David Chilton in an interview on CBC's George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight. The Wealthy Barber author and Dragons' Den host embraces his mistakes, even saying that he looks back on them "fondly." While he jokes that his partners may not have such optimistic feelings about their previous failures, Chilton says that they have helped him learn his strengths—and his weaknesses.

On the show, the personal finance expert shared the tried and true advice that has made him a respected financial mentor. He suggests sticking to the basics, advising anyone who comes into some money to pay off their debt first, invest second, and spend last. Although his book (and its sequel, The Wealthy Barber Returns) has become a national success, it didn't happen overnight. Despite the risk, Chilton believed in what we was advising in the books, and the mass readership it has now earned is a testament to how on-point he is with his insight. In the interview, he also shared some lighthearted anecdotes about his Dragons' Den co-stars (Kevin O'Leary in particular) and talked about his appearances on The Royal Canadian Air Farce and Arctic Air.

As one of the nation's most requested public speakers, Chilton's keynotes are as funny and entertaining as they are practical. He provides key takeaways about the common sense approach to financial planning, while interjecting personal stories and jokes to make the event more entertaining. While his lessons are straightforward and easy to apply, they still aren't commonly used, which is why his books are such successes. Chilton helps people in any financial situation balance their pocketbooks, set realistic goals, and gain more financial independence.

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