entertainers | April 23, 2012

Dave Hemstad: A Stand-Up Who Does Corporate Comedy Right

Do you need to book a truly great corporate comedian this year? As opposed to one who's just punching the clock? Then check out Dave Hemstad. This Debaters regular is one of the country’s hottest comedians—and, incidentally, the only stand-up Lavin has chosen to exclusively represent. This year, he’ll appear numerous times at the Ha!ifax Comedy Festival, one of the leading showcases of comedic talent in North America. (Previously, another leading comedic showcase, Just for Laughs, called him a “Canadian Master”).

While many comedians don’t translate successfully into the corporate arena—they either save their “A” material for other venues, or, worse, do inappropriate routines—Hemstad, in this regard, is a true master. His engaging corporate sets are clean and respectful, yes, but they’re also deeply, insistently funny. With his everyman appeal, Dave Hemstad knows how to speak to audiences—and how to pinpoint those shared experiences that elicit waves of cathartic laughter, whatever the venue. Check out the video above for a small sample.

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