psychology | August 14, 2019

Learn from the Best: Daniel Lerner Joins Outlier, an Online Education Platform from the MasterClass Creators

MasterClass brought us online classes taught by some of the world’s greatest minds. Now, Outlier brings us University-level courses from some of the world’s best educators. Daniel Lerner, a mastermind of positive psychology, joins the platform that’s changing the future of higher education. 

The Intro to Psychology course offered by Outlier, the offshoot of MasterClass, will change the way you see the world. It boasts 12 world-class instructors who teach subjects ranging from Happiness and Well-being to Criminal Psychology. Daniel Lerner, critically acclaimed author, speaker, and psychologist teaches “The Science of Happiness” course at NYU—the school’s most popular elective—and he is adapting those insights into his Outlier course. “There are ways to raise our levels of happiness,” Lerner says, and there are few people as qualified to teach you how.


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