cybersecurity | July 23, 2019

By Understanding AI’s Mechanisms, We Can Make Better Decisions: Tarah Wheeler Explains.

Artificial Intelligence is more prominent than ever—yet few know exactly how it works. One of America’s leading cybersecurity experts, Tarah Wheeler empowers others to make better automation decisions and make sense of the far-reaching power of AI by looking at and understanding the algorithms that govern it.

Wheeler explains that “Artificial Intelligence can be a lot of things but mostly it is a set of tools that let us automate good or bad decisions at scale. When implemented badly, it makes those decisions magnify at a scale that has been previously incomprehensible.” 


Why Artificial Intelligence Helps—and Hurts Us | Tarah Wheeler


Having made a career out of advancing the public’s understanding of cybersecurity, Wheeler encourages more people to “take the hood off” the algorithms that guide artificial intelligence so we can make better decision about how it is used—protecting ourselves and others in the process. 


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