sustainability | March 17, 2011

Crowdfunding a Book: Help Alex Steffen Publish Carbon Zero: A Short Tour of Our Future City

Sustainability speaker Alex Steffen—who just released Worldchanging 2.0 — has taken to the Web in an innovative effort to crowdfund his next book, Carbon Zero: A Short Tour of Our Future City. “My goal here is to explain carbon neutrality in a short, amusing book that can be read in an afternoon,” writes Steffen, who will draw most of the text from a series of popular lectures he delivered last year. “The climate crisis demands that we start rebuilding our cities to become carbon neutral,” he says. “The goal is not to dictate how any city ought to evolve; the goal is to show that a panoply of good climate solutions already exist, and more are in development, making for a variety of pathways into a climate-friendly future.” Head on over to Kickstarter and pledge some money — starting at just $10 — to help Alex Steffen see this worthwhile project to fruition. Once he reaches $10,000, the book gets made!

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