motivation | March 17, 2013

Continuous Effort: Motivational Speaker Yvonne Camus On Long-Term Success

"I really embrace the belief that almost anything is possible if you work hard enough at it, if you put enough effort into it," motivational speaker Yvonne Camus says in one of her highly requested talks. "It's a relentless, endless commitment to hard work that we need to develop within ourselves." This is a similar message to the one she presented at the Learning Solutions Conference and Expo last week. In her talk, Camus explored what it means to live a high performance life—and why it's so important that we overcome the challenges life throws at us.. As one of the most trusted speakers on teamwork and motivation—with talks that often receive standing ovations—Camus helps her audiences achieve their goals while also attaining sustained satisfaction with their lives as a whole.

At the Learning Solutions conference, Camus recounted her experience training for and completing in the Eco-Challenge (the world’s premier expedition racing championship). The grueling competition taught her strategies for overcoming life pressures and stress. In the talk, she related these lessons to her audience to show them how to realize the inherent potential in themselves, their co-workers, and in their organization as a whole. Drawing from her four pillars of success—nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and mindset—Camus delivered an uplifting and ambitious talk that highlighted the road to high performance living. While she admits there are many stressors that weigh down on us and make it difficult to keep striving for greatness—she says that those who don't succumb to them are the ones who see the greatest gains in life.

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