leadership | October 04, 2012

Conference Speakers Reggie Love and Bill Strickland Inspire Youth at UFSC 2012

Reggie Love and Bill Strickland, two of Lavin's conference speakers, recently gave keynotes at the UFSC (Urban Financial Services Coalition) 2012 Conference in Toronto. Held on the last week of September, the conference was geared toward empowering and inspiring the community to pursue their business goals. The Coalition is a community outreach program for black and other visible minority individuals looking to enter or expand their role in the financial sector.

Known for both their expertise in business as well as their charismatic public presence, Strickland and Love were prime candidates for the event and are often sought after to deliver powerful talks on leadership, ambition and social change. Strickland is both gracious and optimistic, presenting a simple message in his conference speeches—provide people with the tools and the respect they deserve and they are capable of anything, regardless of where they came from. Strickland is the CEO of the Manchester Bidwell Corporation, which operates a number of educational training centers in low income areas, and a member of the White House Council for Community Solutions. A "MacArthur Genius," he has helped large corporations and individuals alike rethink leadership, and redefine what's possible.

Similarly, Love is also a prominent leadership speaker. He recently left his long-standing role as President Obama's top advisor to pursue an MBA. Both in politics and in business, Love uses personal anecdotes and insider knowledge to inspire audiences to raise their expectations, and meet them. Starting off in the mail room and ending up at the White House, he is living proof that determination and hard work eventually pays off, and that anyone can become a leader—as long as they have the courage to step up to the plate.

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