motivational | December 21, 2014

Competitive Spirit: Lessons from Motivational Speaker Hayley Wickenheiser in the Globe and Mail

Speaker Hayley Wickenheiser knows a few things about success. The six-time Olympian is one of the best female hockey players in the world—alongside her life as a mom, community leader, mentor to aspiring athletes, student, and businesswoman. In a recent Globe and Mail interview, she shared these life lessons:

1. The competitive spirit is a competitive edge. "I have met so many athletes over the years and the ones who are the best have often been the ones that are the most competitive," says Wickenheiser.

2. Balance is a bunch of bull. "This idea that people, and especially women, are supposed to achieve balance in their day-to-day life strikes me as impossible and pretty ridiculous," she says. It's okay to be "unbalanced," as long as we're prioritizing what's important to us.

3. Age is a non-issue. "Nobody checks your birth certificate on the ice," says Wickenheiser. When it's time to retire, you'll know—don't let anyone dictate how you feel.

4. Be your own BFF. "I try to give myself a break, be kind to myself," she says. "It can be something so simple—go have a chocolate bar or a glass of wine or take another hour to sleep."

5. Better is better than best. "As soon as you stop thinking that you can get better and improve—that’s death," says Wickenheiser. We can always improve our bodies and our minds. "If you don’t use it, you do lose it," she says.

In her talks, Wickenheiser shares advice for how to stay motivated and achieve success by going above and beyond—at home, at work, and on the ice. To book Hayley Wickenheiser as a motivational speaker for your next event, please contact The Lavin Agency.

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