innovation | August 19, 2012

Communicating with Today's Customer: Innovation Speaker Douglas Merrill

As the former Chief Information Officer at Google and the founder of the online loan service, innovation speaker Douglas Merrill has had his fair share of experience with the online customer.

As he discusses in this exclusive Lavin Agency video, the customer-retailer dynamic has changed dramatically with the onset and growing popularity of online shopping. While physical retailers know their customers (as they can literally see them face-to-face), the online retailer often never makes direct contact with their clientele—making it difficult to maintain effective customer interaction.

The Internet, Merrill says, has afforded the consumer with a new and more interactive way to connect with the producers and manufacturers of the products they purchase. The problem, however, is that many retailers have yet to fully comprehend the best way to communicate and advertise to their clients using this new forum.

For Merrill, the key is for businesses to remain innovative and to keep up with changing methods of social interaction to ensure that the needs of today's customer are met. By understanding how the new, online customer communicates (as well as digging deeper to find out who those customers actually are), information can flow much more seamlessly between the two parties.

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