science | November 26, 2012

Charles Wheelan's New Book, Naked Statistics, Is "One-In-A-Million"

Charles Wheelan will do for statistics what he did for economics in his newest book, Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data, which hits shelves in January. Wheelan uses his signature style to bring the science to the masses, arguing that it should not only be experts that are able to comprehend, relate to, and enjoy the field of statistics. Wheelan's flair for making numbers come alive was evident when he published Naked Economics. He explained that the most prominent principles and ideas in economic theory were not only interesting to people outside of the field—they were also vitally important for everyone to understand. With the increasingly important role that data is now playing in our lives, Wheelan argues that statistics is another crucial discipline that we should all be familiar with. Further, Amazon writes that it's a "one-in-a-million statistics book that you'll read for pleasure," proving Wheelan's ability to make the sciences appealing for the masses.

Wheelan is the former Midwest correspondent for The Economist and now writes Yahoo!'s popular "Naked Economics" column. He is a regular contributor to NPR, and lectures on public policy at the University of Chicago. A former gubernatorial speechwriter, Wheelan knows how to command attention and convey compelling takeaways on stage. He unpacks current economic trends and hones in on how you can to apply them to your particular industry or organization. Wheelan brings wide-scale policies and practices down to size and makes them applicable and interesting to any audience—regardless of whether they are experts in the field.

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