the big thirst | February 24, 2013

Charles Fishman: College Students Need To Pay Attention To Water [VIDEO]

"Almost everything in the world that's important in the next ten and twenty years is related to water," environment speaker Charles Fishman says, "[including] economic growth, food security, climate change," and keeping our major bodies of water clean and swimmable. As he told us in a recent interview at the Lavin Toroto office, our water resources are under pressure in part because of unfortunate things happening in the world—but partially due to good things, too. As the economies around the world get richer, The Big Thirst author says they naturally use and need more water. That's why it's crucial for the young people of today to be make water issues a priority. "Water is an issue that is going to come almost out of nowhere and grab the attention of the generation that's in college and coming out of college now," he explains. "And it will demand not just their attention but also their creativity and their energy." It's an issue that their parents and grandparents didn't have to think about, he says, but it's going to become increasingly important for their generation. 

As he explains in his popular book, water resources are set to become a defining issue this century.
A year into its release, The Big Thirst has become a popular read both in the boardroom and in the classroom, and is the bestselling book on water in 25 years. As he shares in his talks, many companies are starting to see how important it is to take water issues seriously—adjusting their production and products to be more sustainable and in some cases, more profitable. Combining case studies with the research from his book, he presents an in-depth look at our most prized natural resource and why we need to care about how we are using it.

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