science | July 20, 2015

Changing the World With Science: Scott Barry Kaufman, Nina Tandon, Hugh Herr

"Scientists who ask the right questions at the right time can make history and change the world," writes Business Insider. The publication has complied a new list of 50 groundbreaking scientists who are changing the way we see the world, from human happiness, evolutionary biology, neutrino physics, biotechnology, archeology, and more.

Three exceptional Lavin science speakers are on the list, from three radically different fields.

Scott Barry Kaufman is redefining the way we measure human intelligence.

As humans we like to think of ourselves as the most intelligent animals on the planet. But how do you measure human intelligence? Traditionally, tests focus on how well we use logic. However, that's just one of many facets that describe intelligence, according to Scott Barry Kaufman, who is redefining the way we think of what being intelligent means with his dual-process theory of human intelligence.

Kaufman argues that a person's level of passion, persistence, and ability to set and meet personal goals are as equally important as logic and reasoning when it comes to measuring human intelligence. Kaufman has published five books on his theories about what defines human intelligence. He writes a regular column for Scientific American called Beautiful Minds and hosts The Psychology Podcast.

Nina Tandon is trying to change 900,000 surgeries a year.

Nina Tandon, CEO and cofounder of EpiBone, is revolutionizing medicine. Her company is the first in the world to use a patient’s stem cells to grow human bone that can then be used to repair bone defects like bone loss.

Ideally, these bones can be grown to the exact shape and size needed and are easily implanted into the body because they are made from the patient’s own cells. Tandon was named a TED senior fellow last year and she's also one of Business Insider’s “40 under 40: People to watch in 2015.” She is the CEO and cofounder of EpiBone.

Hugh Herr develops smart limbs for amputees, including himself.

Hugh Herr develops bionic limbs for amputees, and with two bionic legs himself, it's an industry he's personally invested in. At MIT’s Media Lab, he creates new and better legs for amputees. The lab's biohybrid smart prostheses and exoskeletons integrate microcomputers that monitor things like joint pressure and gait, allowing the limbs to respond to the body the same way biological legs would. The prosthetics are available through BiOM Inc., which Herr founded.

Herr is an associate professor and leads the biometrics research group at MIT’s Media Lab.

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