environment | September 24, 2012

CBC Marketwatch: Adria Vasil Exposes Not-So-Environmentally Friendly Labels

Adria Vasil recently teamed up with the CBC Marketwatch team to sleuth out ten "lousy labels" on the market that are masquerading as being environementally friendly. Describing the process as "greenwashing", a term she uses in her popular advice column and bestselling Ecoholic books, Vasil says many products claiming to be "green" are actually not. 

"When a product or company is making itself look more environmentally friendly than it actually is," Vasil says of the greenwashing pandemic, "they're stretching the truth and fudging their 'green credibility,' so to speak." 

Cloaked in a sea of half-truths and misleading certification seals, many products claiming to be "Eco-friendly", "biodegradable," and "green," are actually sneaking under the radar of The Competition Bureau—the division responsible for validating such claims. Two of the leading offenders (the full list can be found here) are Dawn's Antibacterial dish soap and the Biodegradable J Cloth. 

As Vasil says, there's very little regulation regarding the use of buzzwords like "Eco-friendly". However, in her segment, and in her advice column and informative talks, she suggests that taking the time to research your products before you buy them, and even making simple cleaners from scratch, goes a long way in ensuring that you're living a healthy, chemical-free lifestyle.

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