celebrities | February 18, 2013

Catching Up With Steven Page: New Keynotes & How I Met Your Mother

While Steven Page is a household name in Canada, those in the United States recently got a dose of his sharp wit and engaging personality, too. The former Barenaked Ladies front man and successful solo artist appeared on the popular comedy How I Met Your Mother earlier this month. The episode featured Page alongside some other familiar Canadian faces in an episode poking fun at Canadian stereotypes. Deadpan and spot-on, Page made jokes about the country's pop culture scene.

Page also made a stop off at the Ontario Library Associations Superconference this month (where Susan Cain delivered the keynote address). He performed several of his hits for an eager audience. And finally, he also took part in a fund-raising event for Community Living Huronia in February. Page headlined the event which was organized to raise funds for those living with developmental challenges. "A lot of the show is about engaging with the audience and the other people onstage," Page said in an interview about the presentation. "Whatever happens happens, and usually there’s lots of laughs."

This brand of humorous banter has become a trademark part of Page's stage presence. Not only that, but his charismatic and introspective nature also shine through in his keynotes. Recently, Page spoke at TEDxToronto, where he combined his unique brand of storytelling with music to create a compelling presentation. He is constantly pushing the envelope in all of his endeavors and catches the attention of the public with each new project.

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