environment | August 29, 2013

Camille Seaman, Storm Chaser: The Inspiration Behind Her TED Talks

"I had no idea what Storm Chasing would reveal to me," environment speaker Camille Seaman says, "but it has been epic." This week, several publications have featured the stunning photographs the TED Fellow has captured of massive storm cells. In an interview with The Phoblographer, Seaman reflects on what inspired her to take pictures of these beautiful, but deadly, feats of nature. The photographer recalls being encouraged by her young daughter to start chasing storms. While they both knew the dangers associated with taking pictures of storms, her daughter could see "that" look in Seaman's eyes when she saw the work of other storm chasers on TV. Her daughter told her: "Mom, you should do that."

Why is Seaman so passionate about tracking and documenting such volatile systems? Despite the obvious aesthetic value (the photographs Seaman captures are breathtaking, to be sure), there is another reason she connects so strongly with her projects. "The underlying goal of my work is to help trigger an emotional connection," she writes in The Huffington Post, "one that I hope will spark a relationship between the viewer and this planet." She hopes that forging a connection between ourselves and the world around us will prompt a responsibility to protect our natural landscape. "It is so easy to do harm to something or someone when you make it separate from yourself, when you can place it below you or see yourself as somehow more important than the 'other,'" she explains. "If you came to know that you cannot do harm to any other being or thing without doing harm to yourself, you might make different choices."

She expands on this idea, of connecting with nature, in her TED Talks. In "TED Weekends," a special section of The Huffington Post, they praised both the content of Seaman's keynotes and her "artistic" and eloquent delivery. "My two TEDTalks are both under 4 minutes," she says, "and in that short amount of time I must really carve to the bone of what it is that will resonate, that will disturb, that will move you." You can look forward to her newest series, “The Big Cloud Project,” which she has been working on this summer.

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