celebrities | February 18, 2013

Blaze Your Own Trail: Debbie Travis On Creating Business Opportunities

When you flip on the television today, there are design and decor shows aplenty. When
Debbie Travis first discovered her love for decorating and interior design, however, that market didn't exist. While she originally wasn't sure how she could turn her love for transforming a room into a television show, she eventually blazed the trail for interior design-focused television. In 1995, Debbie Travis' Painted House became one of the first decorating shows in North America. The first season was purchased by 14 countries—now, it's shown in 80. Today she has several popular television shows, numerous bestselling books, and a popular line of products that grosses nearly $100 million a year. In a recent interview in Canadian Health & Lifestyle Magazine, Travis says that she owes a lot of her success to being passionate about what she does, and having the courage to create opportunities for herself. That's how she got her first gig on The Dini Petty Show—by calling them up and asking for it.

She also says that you need to understand your own value and be willing to learn from every experience. "You must take something out of every situation, whether it’s a good one or a bad one. It’s the bad ones that actually form us," she says in the interview. Further, it is important to accept that you won't get to the top of your field right away. "It’s on that boring middle road you make the mistakes you learn from. That’s where you have fear; you must never lose that fear," she says. "That’s what makes us good." Judging by the successful empire that Travis has built, it's safe to say that her advice is well-worth heeding.

In her popular keynotes, Travis shares her insight on how to make your mark on the world. Since she is so well-versed in numerous industries herself (from entrepreneurship to television production to design), Travis is able to customize her lessons to various audiences. First and foremost a businesswoman, Travis is a hit in the corporate world where she provides tips on marketing and personal branding. However, she is also comfortable sharing advice on balancing life and career—and how you can juggle the kind of smash-hit success she has achieved with all of the other obligations life throws your way.

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