leadership | December 10, 2012

Bill Strickland: "People Are Assets, Not Liabilities" [VIDEO]

"People matter," says leadership speaker Bill Strickland in a recent keynote. "People are assets, not liabilities...[and] it is all in the way that you treat people that drives performance and drives behavior." In the speech, Strickland explained that improving productivity begins with improving working environments. "Environment drives behavior," he says, "beautiful environments create beautiful people, beautiful environments create productivity [and] by creating nurturing environments—you get innovation." Working in a positive and inviting space makes a big difference in how inspired and driven employees are. Strickland, president and CEO of the Manchester Bidwell Corporation, explains that the simple act of putting flowers in a space, or ensuring there is a lot of natural light available, can brighten up the environment and improve employee's moods. This then makes them happier and more motivated, which in turn, creates a better, more productive work ethic.

Creating this nurturing environment, he says, is all about curing "spiritual cancer." You can do this by providing people with not only the tools they need to succeed—but with the things that will make them happy and inspired to work. At Bidwell, Strickland and his staff help disadvantaged kids and adults to gain the opportunities needed to secure a more promising future for themselves. He is gracious and optimistic in his speeches, and provides audiences with beneficial takeaways to lead more productive teams.