new speakers | August 16, 2015

Beyond Bitcoin 101: New Speaker Michael Casey’s The Age of Cryptocurrency

In The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and Digital Money Are Challenging the Global Economic Order, new Lavin speaker Michael Casey gives bitcoin—a buzzword, headline, and wildly divisive topic—a rare form of clarity. Along with co-author Paul Vigna, Casey—Senior Advisor to the Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT Media Lab and long-time columnist at The Wall Street Journal—provides the definitive answer to common questions: Why should anyone care about bitcoin and cybermoney? And what does it all mean, exactly, for the global economy?

The Age of Cryptocurrency is a must-have guidebook for anyone looking to understand and adapt. According to Fortune, Casey and Vigna “have produced more than a bitcoin 101: theirs is a smarter, more holistic take on not just bitcoin, but the potential of all digital currencies to change the way we send each other money.” The New York Times calls it a “thorough, timely and colorful book [and] a rewarding place to learn about it all.” And The Washington Post gives it a glowing review, praising the authors’ ability to:

“resist the common temptation to hype their trendy subject. They’ve written a reported explainer that patiently documents bitcoin’s rise, acknowledges its flaws and highlights its promise. Smart and conscientious, The Age of Cryptocurrency is the most thorough and readable account of the short life of this controversial currency.”

As a speaker, Casey makes this economic shift understandable off the page, as well. In his informative keynotes, Casey breaks down and demystifies “blockchain” technology and bitcoin’s disruptive applications, investigating its numerous implications for corporations, schools, and governments alike. Regardless of where we stand, it’s a subject that can’t be ignored or wished away. And with Casey’s accessible, lucid talks, every manager, official, and leader will learn exactly what they need to know to be ready. 

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