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A Better Infrastructure for AI: Leading Expert Kate Crawford on Rethinking AI More Equitably

Despite the huge role it plays in our lives, we tend to think of artificial intelligence as a magical, abstract phenomenon—one that we can’t control. But Kate Crawford, author of Atlas of AI and world-renowned expert on AI and its social impacts, says that we can, and must, understand it. If we can learn how it’s made and what its biases are, we can regain control of its development at this crucial turning point and ensure it serves us all, not just a select few.

In her powerful and essential book Atlas of AI, which came out in paperback last week, Kate reveals the costs that are usually hidden from public view and offers paths forward towards a more just future. For two decades, she’s been at the cutting edge of technology research—uncovering what really goes into making artificial intelligence. She’s a Professor at USC Annenberg, a Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research in New York, and the inaugural Visiting Chair for AI and Justice at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris.

Kate sat down with Lavin’s Charles Yao to explain why we need to work together towards a more equitable technological landscape. Watch here:


Why We Need to Rethink the Infrastructure of AI | Kate Crawford

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