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Better Business Strategy Starts In The Classroom: Roger Martin [VIDEO]

"The business academy has to work really hard to stay ahead when new [developments in the industry] happen because this world just goes charging ahead," says business speaker Roger Martin. In an interview with Matthew Bishop (the NY Bureau Chief and Business Editor at The Economist), Martin discussed the important role that business schools play in preparing students for the challenges of the future. As the current Dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, Martin has first-hand experience forecasting the future of the business world. When he first took on the role in 1998, he says one of the biggest challenges was designing courses to understand and incorporate the newest technology innovation of the day: the internet. Today, he says, the focus has shifted toward sustainability issues.

While it's important for schools to stay on the cutting edge and think one step ahead of industry, there are some institutions that are still embracing out-dated models. "What the business school hasn't done," Martin says at the NASDAQ OMX Marketsite (embedded above), "is abandon a slavish adherence to shareholder value maximization." While he admits this is important in terms of modeling equations and understanding trends, it presents a very narrow view of business strategy. And, it should not be the core principle that all other lessons stem from. In his time at Rotman, and his other business ventures, Martin has developed a keen sense of how to stay ahead of the curve. His forward-thinking approach to learning has helped to redefine the face of business education. And, in his customizable keynotes, he shows audiences how to effectively prepare for the future—both in the classroom and in the boardroom.

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