social change | December 09, 2012

Ben Rattray Is The Keynote Speaker At The Social Enterprise Conference

Ben Rattray has been selected to give the keynote address at the Social Enterprise Conference this February. And with the success that has seen in the five years since its inception—he's a perfect fit to share his insights with the social entrepreneurs of the future. A joint venture between the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, the event is focused on exploring the intersection between business and social impact., which recently earned Rattray the honor of being named one of TIME's 100 Most Influential People in the World, perfectly crystallizes what can be done to bring about positive social change using an innovative business model.

The website, which is the world’s fastest-growing platform for social action, provides ordinary people with the tools needed to create and share petitions. Each petition draws attention to pressing social and political issues and puts pressure on change-makers to rectify major problems. At the conference, Rattray will share his advice on how to make a difference using creative business methods. He will collaborate with other speakers, business leaders, government agents, and students to facilitate new connections in the industry and discuss new trends. Believing that everyone has the ability to enact positive social change, Rattray will surely inspire the audience to embark on new ventures to make the world a better place.

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