digital | January 17, 2016

#AskASpeaker #7: Twitter Q&A with Alexandra Samuel

Last Thursday, January 14, we held another live Twitter Q&A—the seventh in our series—with yet another media-savvy keynote speaker. This time we spoke with Alexandra Samuel, who’s not only Harvard Business Review’s Social Media Blogger and Vision Critical’s former VP of Social Media, but an independent tech researcher who’s helping companies, educators, and individuals live smarter lives online. 

An articulate advisor and author on all things digital, Samuel’s known for her insights into the new sharing economy and big data: how to turn social media into sales, and how to tell compelling stories with raw data. But her recent research into the family tech market—and the myths and misconceptions that surround it—has both marketers and educators newly excited. Naturally, we made this the primary focus of our live Q&A (which you can read below, thanks to Spotify).

Based on a study of over 10,000 parents in North America, Samuel has presented compelling evidence to suggest that the family tech market is actually three markets. How we handle our kids’ tech and screen time is an enormous parenting divide—and understanding how kids are taught to interact with technology has major implications for marketers, educators, as well as parents who want only the best for their children. Educators heard about what this means for schools and teachers during Samuel’s talk at the Dalai Lama Centre’s Heart-Mind Conference back in October. And she’ll be speaking on this topic soon at SXSW 2016 in Austin, Texas (on Sunday, March 13, to be exact) in a talk called “The Myth of the Family Tech Market.”

After our chat, we announced our eighth #AskASpeaker guest—comedian and host of CBC’s The Debaters, Steve Patterson! Drop into our chat on Thursday, January 28 at 1 p.m. EST with your own questions. Just make sure to use the hashtag #AskASpeaker and follow @TheLavinAgency and Patterson’s Twitter account, @patterballs!

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