| September 05, 2019

Want to Foster Diversity? Forbes Taps Ashton Applewhite’s Book as a Top Guide

When thinking about diversity, we tend to consider factors like gender, sexuality, and ethnicity. But what about age? Activist Ashton Applewhite has written a manifesto raging against the perils of growing older in a society that is, at its core, deeply ageist. Forbes calls it a must-read for anyone hoping to foster a more diverse and inclusive workplace.  

Rooted in Ashton Applewhite’s own experience navigating the world as an older woman, This Chair Rocks is a lively investigation of the stereotypes, industries, and institutions that contribute to our youth-obsessed culture. Applewhite examines everything from the cult of beauty brands, to discrimination in the workplace, exposing the American myth of independence in the process. And beyond debunking ageist beliefs that no longer serve us, she paints a portrait of what an age-friendly world would look like—and how much better off we’d be for it.


Funny, personal, and thoroughly researched This Chair Rocks is a rousing call-to-action. Forbes writes, “By the end of the book, readers will have a better understanding of age discrimination and will be able to assess personal beliefs that may have contributed to ageism in and out of the workplace. Using humor, Applewhite is able to craft a compelling case for how we can combat our ageist beliefs.”


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