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Changing Your Life, Career, and Future: Arlene Dickinson’s New Book Reinvention is Out Today

At fifty-seven years old, venture capitalist Arlene Dickinson was facing a crisis. Her once-booming business was on the brink of disaster, and her sense of self as a confident leader had eroded. How could she bounce back? In her new book Reinvention—out today!—she shows us how a business mindset transformed her life.  

When Arlene Dickinson’s business was in trouble, it understandably took an emotional toll on her. But instead of crumbling under the feelings of loss, fear, and shame, Dickinson turned things around by following the same process she’s always used to transform under-performing companies. Only this time, she applied the tried-and-true method to herself. Using business principles on her personal life allowed her find clarity on where she wanted to go, and having a clear set of practical steps kept her on track when emotions threatened her progress. Within five years, not only was her business thriving again—she had also raised tens of millions of dollars for fledgling entrepreneurs.


In Reinvention: Changing Your Life, Your Career, Your Future, Dickinson shares her blueprint for locating your sense of purpose, evaluating your strengths, assessing new opportunities, and most importantly, forging a bold new path. Whether it’s a big career dream or a personal setback, Reinvention offers a step-by-step plan for growing, rebuilding, and transforming your life for the better.


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