corporate strategy | November 08, 2011

Arkadi Kuhlmann Shifts to Culture-Driven Leadership in Rock then Roll

As the chairman and president of ING Direct, Arkadi Kuhlmann is one of North America's most respected executives. In his latest book, Rock then Roll, Kuhlmann eschews the traditional model of top-down corporate leadership, championing the culture-driven leadership that helped ING Direct become one of the most disruptive market forces of the past decade. In an interconnected and ever-changing marketplace, business creativity is now the driving force behind bottom-line success. Archaic models of top-down leadership are too sluggish to compete in an ultra-competitive market space. Only by creating a unique business culture, says Kuhlmann, can you spur innovation and inspire leadership in everyone from C-level to entry level.

 Where Kuhlmann's debut book, The Orange Code, told the story of ING Direct's staggering success, Rock then Roll provides a roadmap to the new culture-driven business world. How can you exploit the power of disruptive ideas? What are the true catalysts for creating leaders from within? How can you create—and most importantly, maintain—a unique business culture that attracts both customers and talent alike? Drawing from his experiences at ING Direct, Kuhlmann's message can help business people of all experience levels—from CEO's to start-up entrepreneurs—create their own culture to drive leadership, increase employee satisfaction and achieve business success.

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