literature | June 22, 2021

An Ode to Black Joy: Angie Thomas and Nic Stone Collaborate on Blackout

The pandemic brought its share of hardships, but also enabled the most beloved writers in young adult literature to collaborate on a new novel. Blackout features six award-winning, Black, female authors—including two Lavin Speakers: New York Times bestselling authors ANGIE THOMAS and NIC STONE

Blackout proves to be a groundbreaking book—not only thanks to the influential clout of its authors, but because of its revolutionary focus on Black joy. Standing in uplifting contrast to today’s news headlines and narratives of police brutality, both Angie Thomas and Nic Stone bring a celebratory tone to their contributions. Together, their message validates the Black youth experience—reminding young readers that they deserve to see themselves reflected in stories of joy. “We, Black people, are more than struggle or hardship,” says Thomas. Stone adds, “There is no fiercer form of rebellion than telling love stories about kids who are often told they’re unworthy of them, at a time like the one we’re living in.” In the midst of a world that inundates youth with narratives of adversity, Thomas and Stone offer a hopeful, urgent message—that life fuels art, art mirrors life, and books can change lives.
In addition to Thomas and Stone, Blackout features authors Dhonielle Clayton, Tiffany D. Jackson, Ashley Woodfolk, and Nicola Yoon, who together, bring “a necessary elation to stories of Black love, queer love, and alternative forms of affection, all of which are all tenderly highlighted in these narratives” (Publishers Weekly, Starred Review).
Blackout is available everywhere you buy books on June 22nd. 

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