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Angela Davis Featured in Colin Kaepernick's Know Your Rights Camp Youth Empowerment Initiative

Dr. Angela Davis is a brilliant educator, political activist and author. She’s used her immense intellectual acumen to champion the idea that a world where all of humanity can flourish is not only worth pursuing, but possible. Her timeless contributions to human rights pursuits and uplifting Black voices are just part of why she is one of ten leaders profiled in Paper Magazine’s feature on Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp (KYRC).

What started as an idea by Colin Kaepernick and his wife Nessa—months before he famously took a knee during the national anthem in protest of systemic anti-Blackness in the justice system—KYRC has grown into a powerful movement for educating and empowering Black youth across the nation. It’s focused around 10 fundamental human rights, that, according to Kaepernick. represent the affirmations that ought to be enjoyed by Black people worldwide. Rights like; to be Educated, to be Free, to be Safe, and to be Alive.


“I think society tends to discredit the brilliance of Black people because that brilliance always pushes us forward. It pushes us into positions that may not be exactly comfortable”

— Angela Davis in Paper Magazine, Dr. Davis was selected to represent the Right to be Brilliant. Her tireless zeal to demand answers from those in power to inconvenient questions, and to expose difficult truths is emblematic of the vigor needed to grow a modern, vibrant movement toward the liberation of Black people.


“Since the advent of slavery, Black people have been fighting back,” says Davis, “And have used their knowledge, their insight, their collective brilliance to challenge that predicament, and, in the process, have pushed the entire world in a progressive direction.” It’s this push to brilliance and progress that KYRC wants to instill in teaching young people their rights.


Brilliance inspires and creates, and in many ways, Davis—internationally recognized author, professor, and abolitionist is the very embodiment of this. But she sees a broader picture: “Well, I think of brilliance as a collective phenomenon,” she says to Kaepernick, “And I think that true brilliance emanates from and results in collective processes and collective changes.”


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