speaker review | February 23, 2011

Andrew Ramlo: A Witty Demographer Turning Stats into Strategies

A few of the Lavin agents went to see demographics speaker Andrew Ramlo at his keynote in Toronto today. Ramlo’s on-stage style — quirky humor, quick wit, great energy — cuts against the stereotype of the rumbled, number-crunching demographer. His talks get audiences to laugh, applaud, and take notice. In this morning’s keynote, for a company that sells technology to seniors, Andrew came armed with research and statistics tracking how Canada’s senior population will shift over the coming years. He then honed in on what these crucial and massive changes will mean, specifically, for the company. As we like to say of Andrew, he doesn’t just make numbers “come alive.” He helps turn statistics into strategies that grow your business. As one audience member from this morning said: “Really good. I’m not even into medical sales, but even I found the info useful.”

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