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Real Change Starts with Changing Minds: Lavin Welcomes Anand Giridharadas, Author of The Persuaders

“While the world seems to counsel despair, The Persuaders is animated by a sense of possibility.”

The New York Times

In an age of division, it seems impossible to change people’s minds—but Anand GiridharadasNew York Times bestselling author of The Persuaders, says we can persuade others without having to compromise either side’s values. Anand provides us with methods that we can use to come together as a team, find hope in an age of polarization, and save democracy. In other words, learning how to change minds is the first step to changing everything.


Anand Giridharadas is one of our foremost voices on democracy, overcoming division, and how humans make, resist and grapple with change. In his work—as an author, a journalist, and a regular political analyst for MSNBC—he points us toward real, meaningful change, wider human solidarity, and hope. Whether you’re wrestling with how to improve society or build a more cohesive team, his message has never been more crucial.


Whether it’s in the context of our workplaces, campuses, and communities, his talks are pivotal for anyone looking to become a better leader, build stronger company cultures, bring diverse people together, or protect democracy. Anand offers proven strategies that the world’s most prominent change-makers use to revolutionize entire systems and conversations — and shows us how to use these tactics in our everyday lives.


Anand explores how people and movements are changing minds by practicing a new art of persuasion for an age of extremes and refusing to write off those who don’t agree. In his talks, he shows you how to stand bravely for what you believe in while staying open to other viewpoints; how to distinguish those you can and need to win over from those you can’t and don’t; how to draw out and make use of the complexity of those who disagree with you, and many other skills in the art of persuasion.


Anand has inspired audiences around the world with his clarion call for real change and democracy in more than name only. His first New York Times bestseller Winners Take All was named one of the best books of the year by The New York Times, NPR, and Financial Times and won 1-800-CEO-READ’s Business Book of the Year Award.


Anand makes it clear that to forge a path to a brighter future, "we simply cannot give up on changing minds. We cannot give up on changing things. We cannot give up on each other."

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