global markets | June 21, 2012

An Innovative Approach to Saving the Euro: Erwann Michel-Kerjan

At the Huffington Post recently, risk management speaker Erwann Michel-Kerjan suggests an innovative way to save the deeply troubled Euro. His solution? To 'quarantine' the beleaguered nations of Greece, Portugal and Ireland (and perhaps Spain and Italy if trends continue) by creating a secondary currency, called the Euro II (E2), that these countries could adopt to get themselves back on their fiscal feet. Michel-Kerjan explains:

Bundle Greece, Portugal and Ireland (and maybe others) into a second currency -- call it the Euro II (E2) -- and allow those countries to begin to use a powerful tool of economic and financial stabilization, currency devaluation. Bundling these countries together into a single second currency for a period of time (hence the quarantine analogy) will mitigate the principle risk any single country exiting the euro would likely face: being attacked by global capital markets and facing severe and lengthy economic issues.

In the case of the Eurozone, his proposed plan presents an innovative way of fixing the large-scale economic issues facing the European Union and its currency. Now, says Michel-Kerjan, "the time is right for bold and innovative thinking to emerge to retool and improve the EU's governance and management capabilities." In his talks, Michel-Kerjan shows public and private organizations how to design blueprints that allow them to flourish and actually increase value in times of catastrophic uncertainty, arguing that large-scale financial risks, and their alarming frequency, are reshaping the future of our increasingly interdependent world.

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