tech future | October 26, 2011

Amber Mac on Cities and Social Media

Amber MacArthur, host of national mobile tech TV show App Central and one of the leading voices of the web generation, knows her way around technology big and small. Each week she speaks to a mass audience through podcasts and broadcasts, but she's also busy delivering keynotes in front of various clients, such as the Hamilton Hive group—a speech that landed her on the cover of the Hamilton Spectator this week. In front of this group of under-40 professionals working to renew that city, MacArthur suggested Hamilton is a “leading city on the digital front”—one that stands to take advantage of the rapidly changing tech sector, a central chapter in her talk on the juxtaposition of cities and the future of social media.

Amber highlights three pillars for those engaging in social media in a city-building context—so, everyone from concerned citizen groups looking to spread work on a cause to city staff themselves seeking to inform the public and engage on civic issues:

Practice social good: With influence comes responsibility. If you've build up an online community, no matter how big or small, try to give back to that community and to others.

Triple your traction:
Choose a minimum of three different social media platforms and commit to engaging on a long-term basis.

Nurture your website
: Push all of your social media traffic back to your own website. It's the only "place" you truly own online.

Amber Mac is a consultant, TV host, author and journalist who has championed, chronicled and even helped to enable the gargantuan growth of social media as a force for improving business and community. She's often the barometer of the shifting tech landscape, whether it's hardware, software, or even which cities are emerging hotspots of innovation. The enthusiastic and authoritative speaker has a newly minted talk covering the mobile future, one where PCs go the way of the dinosaur, and winners and losers on the business battlefield will be decided by who is better armed for the new by-the-seconnd marketing and customer interaction reality.