cryptocurrency & blockchain | July 24, 2019

Blockchain Start-Up CEO Amber Baldet Weighs in on the Future of Bitcoin for Fortune

What is the future of bitcoin? That is the question that Fortune posed to seven CEOs and one COO at their most recent Brainstorm Finance Conference. Lavin Speaker and Blockchain CEO Amber Baldet weighed in on the question.  

Fortune’s Brainstorm Finance Conference gathered notable finance executives in Montauk to discuss big ideas in the financial world, including how emerging technology will affect traditional institutions and banks. The conversation surrounding the future of cryptocurrency was especially rich and timely.


A former blockchain executive at JP Morgan, Amber Baldet now runs her own blockchain start-up called Clovyr. Her answer to Fortune’s question was optimistic for the longevity and staying power of the digital currency. She said, "[Bitcoin] technology is out in the wild and is being learned from and modified and, in some incarnation, the problems that it solves and the things people need from it will stick around."


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