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All Together Now: Choir! Choir! Choir! Profiled in The New Yorker

A new article in The New Yorker sheds light on one of our most unconventional—yet fascinating—entertainers: Choir! Choir! Choir! Tracing their humble beginnings as an impromptu choir for a birthday party to their now-viral tribute to the late David Bowie at Carnegie Hall, the feature aptly reveals what Choir! Choir! Choir! does best: combine the best elements of teamwork, collaboration, and community for an experience like no other.  


Led by conductor Nobu Adilman and guitarist Daveed Goldman, Choir! Choir! Choir! is a Toronto singing collective that turns everyday pop songs into mass-choir masterworks. The group meets twice per week to reinvent various chart-toppers (Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” Patti Smith’s “Because the Night,” for a few) in three-part harmony.  


Choir! Choir! Choir! of 500+ Sings David Bowie's Space Oddity at the AGO


“The simplicity of it is kind of frightening in this day and age,” Goldman tells The New Yorker. “You sell yourself short by connecting with ten thousand people in one hundred and forty characters over the Internet. People don’t even go to movies anymore. People feel something in that room that we’re in.” The intangible “something” that Goldman refers to is what makes the Choir! Choir! Choir! experience so unique. In May, following Prince’s passing, the duo filled storied Toronto venue Massey Hall with 1999 mourners for a rousing performance of his smash hit “When Doves Cry.” And after beloved Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie announced his terminal brain cancer, they took on the plaintive Hip tune “Ahead by a Century.”


Choir! keynotes are remarkably versatile. On the surface, they’re about music and community, but an evening with the unconventional duo goes far beyond performance. Happiness, health, productivity, authenticity, work-life balance—these themes and more are interwoven with song, making it an event to remember for your organization, business, or school. “People wanted to connect,” Adilman says in The New Yorker. “People love singing. There are a million studies that talk about it. We attach so much meaning to these songs.” And in a time of supposed hyper-connectivity, simple, meaningful connection is often hard to find. 

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