digital and social media | September 13, 2015

Alexandra Samuel on Data-Driven Storytelling in Harvard Business Review

In “Data Is the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing,” Harvard Business Review’s Social Media Blogger Alexandra Samuel outlines how some of the world’s smartest companies are investing in “data journalism”: a new way to tell compelling narratives, make discoveries, and attract major social media attention. Of course, not all groups are taking advantage of big data well, or effectively. But those that are have an incredible opportunity at their fingertips. To Samuel, intelligent marketers “recognize what virtually every brand should be doing: opening the treasure chest of data and offering some of that wealth back to customers and the public in the form of original content.”

An expert on big data, the new sharing economy, and social-media driven purchases, Samuel has an excellent handle on both ends of the data-driven marketing spectrum. In the article, she provides great instances of what not to do, as well as success stories, listing companies like Jawbone, OKCupid, General Electric, and Kickstarter as those that have “used their own data to drive original and fascinating stories.” As she relates, much of her insights into data come from her work as former VP Social Media with Vision Critical. 

Importantly, Samuel identifies five major benefits to using quantitative data as part of any content marketing plan. Without giving away the key details, these benefits involve boosting website traffic, providing fresh and valuable content in an over-saturated market, improving authority and expertise on relevant subjects, gaining unexpected insights from releasing data externally, and building trust (so long as data is used competently, and securely). 

Want to “stand out from the marketing hordes”? Then follow Samuel’s advice, and “turn quantitative information into quality content.”

In her keynotes, Alexandra Samuel helps you work more effectively with data by mapping out the steps to developing an effecting data strategy. She’ll look at what data you need to gather, and which competencies you’ll need on your team in order to read and understand it. She’ll examine the opportunities to turn that data into compelling content that builds your audience and tells your story. Finally, she’ll look at what’s at stake for your organization and your industry as a whole. To book Alexandra Samuel as a speaker for your next event, contact The Lavin Agency speakers bureau.

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