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After The After Show: Celebrity Speaker Jessi Cruickshank Reminisces About The Early Days [VIDEO]

When celebrity speaker Jessi Cruickshank was asked what she thought of the show that would eventually help jump-start her career in television, the new university grad told her bosses at MTV that she thought it was both “awful” and “horrible for society.” That show was Laguna Beach, an American reality TV show that later spawned the popular spin-off The Hillsand Cruickshank's hilarious and witty dissections of these two shows on MTV's The After Show made her a household name. When she stopped by Lavin's Toronto office recently, the eTalk Daily Correspondent, Producer, and Free The Children Ambassador reminisced about her early days in television.

When The After Show first began airing, Cruickshank joked that it would be unlikely for it to amount to much more than a clever way to fulfill Canadian Content requirements. When the show first welcomed a live audience, however, Cruiskshank says that "there [were] so many people outside that they needed to police blockage [the street]." She adds: "That was the first time i realized that anyone was watching the show." While pop culture commentary is now a major part of Cruickshank's life,  the TV personality has recently been using her celebrity status to get young people involved with life-changing causes. She's been an Ambassador with Free The Children, Craig Kielburger's charity, since her teens, and is now leveraging her ties with MTV to produce documentaries about her experiences with social activism. 

With a great  deal of experience presenting to live audiences combined with her sharp-wit, education, and dedication to making a difference, Cruickshank connects to all types of people with ease. Her talks on social activism, surviving and thriving in college and living a happy and fulfilling life are both entertaining and endearing and have earned her notoriety far surpassing the expectations she had when she first stepped in front of the camera.

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