sports | February 03, 2016

Advantage Allaster: Introducing New Speaker Stacey Allaster

Today, the Women’s Tennis Association is a true intercontinental force. The tour’s prize pool is at an all-time high of $129 million, and athletes like Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova are household names. Yet much of the organization’s success must be owed to Stacey Allaster, Chairman and CEO of the WTA from 2009 to 2015. Allaster took the helm during a rocky financial crisis, only to generate over $1B in diversified contracted revenues, expand the brand to massive Asian markets, double player prize money, and elevate female athletes to icon status—earning her Forbes’s endorsement as one of the world’s “Most Powerful Women in Sports.” Now, she’s sharing her winning approach to motivation, inspiration, and integrity, and demonstrating, by self-made example, that having women as leaders makes sound economic sense.

Allaster knows tennis inside and out: as a collegiate player herself, as the tournament director of the Canadian Open, and as the major advancer and streamliner of the WTA. And being at the forefront of women’s tennis at this momentous juncture in the sport’s history—indeed, as it evolves into a sports-entertainment spectacle—has given her an unparalleled understanding of high-stakes business. In her talks, she explains how integrity, communication, and trust are essential to leading and inspiring diverse teams. No matter the market or obstacle, Allaster has the recipe to thrive, innovate, and disrupt, even amid uncertainty.

Allaster is also a passionate and insightful speaker on gender- and diversity-related milestones. Not only did she unlock South Asia and propel the WTA into new international media agreements, but she did this as a woman in a field almost entirely dominated by men. With so few women in key executive roles in professional sports, Stacey Allaster is an example for aspiring minds in business and athletics. Her approach was always to treat professional tennis players as businesswomen, not just as athletes—and with her media-savvy approach, she’s helped kindle a love of sports and athletics in girls from Saskatoon to Miami, from Moscow to Singapore. Having powerful, confident, and successful athletic role models is crucial for young girls and boys, Allaster argues; and her talks on achieving greater equity and diversity in the boardroom will convince even the most traditional legacies that eliminating negative gender bias is crucial for 21st century success.

Legendary tennis player Billie Jean King, founder of the WTA, says: “Stacey brought positive, fundamental change while serving as an exemplary role model, and she executed our biggest and best financial strategies during a very difficult economy.” Transformational business leader. Inspiring role model. Stacey Allaster is the total package.

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