environment | January 09, 2013

Adria Vasil: Safeguarding Against Exaggerated Green Claims [VIDEO]

As ecoholic Adria Vasil has noted many times, there is an inundation of greenwashing (false environmentally-friendly advertising) taking place on our product packaging. As she explains in an interview with Lavin, she is trying to safeguard against the backlash from products being labeled as green when they actually aren't. Unfortunately, finding out that we have been duped into thinking that certain goods are environmentally friendly, which indeed are not, leads us to mistrust the entire industry. Since we can't be sure which of the manufacturers telling us their products are Eco-friendly are being honest, many people decide to not buy green products at all.

However, she asserts that we need to remember one important point of the equation: if we didn't get angry about being misled, we wouldn't care about buying more conscious products in the first place. "We're annoyed with these labels because we care," she explains. So, instead of boycotting the entire industry, she suggests that we "actually support the mom-and-pops that are doing it right."  While she doesn't recommend that you blindly trust all the labels on your products, she does say that becoming complacent about your purchases altogether is not the answer. Just because many products are indeed exaggerating how green their ingredients and processes are, doesn't mean that there aren't beneficial natural products out there.

In her books and lively talks, Vasil advocates for a more conscious future. Author of the popular Ecoholic series and a regular environmental columnist, she teaches her audiences to live greener, smarter, and healthier lives.

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