leadership | March 04, 2013

Add Value & Monetary Success Will Follow: Leadership Speaker Drew Dudley

"I don't want to treat money and jobs and promotions as goals in and of themselves anymore," leadership speaker Drew Dudley says in a keynote speech. "Instead I'm going to see these things as the natural by-products that come to you if you add tremendous value." He says that he believes "any value you put out comes back three times over." Although it doesn't necessarily come back when you think you want it, need it, or deserve it, he says that it's important to believe that any value you add will be repaid in some way at some time. This is a completely reverse approach to the way we typically analyze our performance at work and in overall life. Instead of framing your goals in terms of profit and advancement, you should instead focus on adding value to the people and things you do on a daily basis. If you do that, the rest will follow and you will be rewarded both financially and personally.

None of this means that you can't dream of attaining monetary success in life, however. Profit can still be a part of your thought process. Instead of focusing on profit as the goal, he says, see it as being the result of achieving other meaningful goals. This is a crucial strategy in that it changes the way you think about yourself and the way you treat others. If you can ask yourself every night whether you added value that day, Dudley says your answer will most often be 'yes.' However, if you measure your goals by asking whether you got a promotion, a raise, or were more successful than others, the answer will more often than not be 'no.' When you focus on achieving goals other than profit, he says you achieve more of your goals, feel better about the path you are on, and often, end up achieving those by-products like profit or job advancement in the process.

Dudley is a requested speaker for his thoughts on everyday leadership. He tells audiences that by shifting their priorities away from profit and advancement and toward adding value, they will not only be more successful, but more fulfilled and content with the work they do. He argues that focusing on things that are within our control (as promotions and monetary gain are often determined by an outside force) puts us in charge of our own success and will ultimately make us happier with what we have accomplished.

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